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Tire Tattoo™, a patent-pending new way to put your favorite logo on the sidewall of your tire.

Buy Boston Strong Tire Tattoo

For years Sports fans have chosen their vehicles to express their fan loyalty. Whether it is windows, or license plates, key chains or bumpers the car has been the chosen vehicle of choice for fans everywhere to show who they root for. The tire however, one of the most important and stylish parts of the car, has gone ignored — until now that is! Now you can add the perfect accent to your expensive wheel and tire package by adding the Tire Tattoo™ with your favorite team logo or one of our specialty designs.

For the first time ever you can now use this stylish high quality Tire Tattoo™ to show your team pride elegantly on the sidewall of your tire. With our patented glue The Tire Tattoo™ is easy to put on, will last a long time and is weather resistant. For only $5.99 plus shipping you can be the envy of all your friends. Your friends will soon be asking you what it is and where you got it. Order Today and be among the first to show your team pride on your tires.

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